Good boat neighbors help tear apart your home!

So the last post shows where I ended up doing demo work by myself.  Below covers yesterday and today with the help of Darren, our neighbor.  Darren is taking the existing equipment off my hands.  Timing wise for him to help me this weekend was perfect.  Last week working by myself allowed me to pull the dashes apart and get a sense of what was happening behind the scenes.  But I was at the point where I needed a second set of hands to be much more efficient and then tasks that just required another person.

Saturday, which was rainy much of the day, was focused on demoing the flybridge nav equipment and the associated cables that headed down to the pilothouse.  We also pull cables from the helm back to the captain’s quarters where they then head up to the mast.  This was to prep for Sunday.  We then hauled the equipment and trash off the boat.

Sunday was mast day.  We pulled access panels off from the side of the mast to allow us to start pulling cable up from inside.  We also started pulling items off the wings of the mast.  We clipped cables from the radars, leaving them for the end of the day to remove.  Lunchtime allowed us to find a 20′ extension ladder that was needed to access the aft side of the stack.  I did need to fully extend it to get to the top of the mast.  Not my favorite part of the day!  We finally pulled the radars down, both units pushing 70 lbs apiece.  We hauled all of this next door and cleaned up.  I have a little bit to do in the pilothouse before the Emerald Harbor Marine team arrives with the boxes of new equipment.  They are slated for a week from tomorrow to arrive but there is rumor that they may arrive early.  So I will take a few early days tomorrow/Tuesday to finish prepping for them.


Where we started Saturday morning…


Headliners down in the pilothouse.
Another ceiling shot in the pilothouse, looking aft.
Captain’s Quarters.
The run of white cables is from the helm heading to the mast.  At least half are coming out.
Partial disassemble of the helm chair to get it out of the way.
Believe it or not, less cables after pulling some from the flybridge…
Again, a few less cables. Trust me, we have pulled a fair amount out since the morning.
There is a good bit of contorting your body to get to stuff.
There! Can you tell we’ve been working?
The two large white cables are for the two radars.  This is end of day on Saturday – we didn’t know what to expect on Sunday when these were planned to come out.
Bag of equipment that went bye bye.  Does not include what Darren took to hook up the existing nav stuff…
Sunday started with gaining access in to the mast. And then seeing how much I could twist and stretch to snip zip ties. Hundreds of zip ties.
30 feet up! Darren waiting for me to get back on the 20′ extension ladder in the right of the photo, which was a purchase during the Sunday lunch break. This was fully extended off of the back deck to remove the access panel around the exhaust pipe.
I didn’t think ladders and boats went together!
Darren looking smart in his Red Rover hat.
Much lighter mast… missing radars, 3 gps, xm weather antenna and weather transducer.
End of Sunday night. Peek at top photo to see the difference in two days. And peek at last post to really see how far we’ve come.

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