NAPS 2018

NAPS 2018

Nordhavns Around Puget Sound 2018

We will update this page with any new information when appropriate!  And please spread the word!

As Alison and I have schedules that are keeping us close to home port for much of the summer, we thought it would be fun to organize a “casual” gathering of the Nordhavn Tribe who will be in the Puget Sound area this mid-July.   I am describing it as a “casual gathering” because Rendezvous sounds really official and busy!  We are hoping that this is an opportunity for owners to get together and socialize with just a few organized activities.  So the acronym for the cruise seems to fit the weekend style:  NAPS 2018

NAPS 2018

Dates:  Friday July 20th – Sunday July 22nd

Location:  Port Ludlow (some may recognize this is the home of the 2009 Nordhavn Rendezvous)

How to Participate:

Option 1: Stay in the Marina.  Call the Port Ludlow Marina no later than June 30th.  There is a limited block of slips under “Nordhavn Owners”.    360-437-0513  There may still be availability after June 30th but that is when the hold on slips is released.

Option 2:  Anchor in the bay and join us via the dinghy.  Enough said about this one!

Option 3:  Stay at the Port Ludlow Inn.  If you want to join the group but can’t bring your boat with you, the Inn is situated on the banks of the Port Ludlow Marina.  We’d still love to have you!  There is not a room block for the Inn, so no need to reference the event.  Reserve online:

RSVP:  Please send your name(s), boat name/hull number and email to me and I will send out updates as needed.

Weekend Activities:

There will be some limited planned activities for the weekend, most likely a Saturday evening potluck style dinner – we are working on those details and will get that out when we formalize them.  But mostly there will be time to visit with other owners, see other boats, and enjoy a few area activities or take a nap!  Some of things that can do nearby:  Play a round of golf, visit the Port Ludlow Yacht Club, run your remote control boat in the Yacht club’s RC pond, breakfast/lunch/dinner at the Fireside Restaurant, dinghy cruise the bay, kayak, walk the beach and enjoy the sunshine!

Kevin and Alison Jeffries

Red Rover N5505

Red Rover in Yachting Magazine

Red Rover in Yachting Magazine

Alison and I were attending the Nordhavn 40th Anniversary Gala this past weekend and just pulling up to PAE’s Dana Point office when we get a text from Laura, Alison’s cousin.  You may remember that Laura and John helped crew on our San Diego to San Francisco leg of our trip to Seattle two years ago.  Anyways, Laura texts “we want a signed copy” and a photo of Red Rover on a magazine page.  We were shocked, not knowing what it was about!  After a couple of back and forth texts, we find out it is in Yachting Magazine accompanying a story about electronics refits.

John was kind enough to scan the article to us so that we could see what it was all about.  The story centered around a Nordhavn 55 (we happen to have one) that recently completed an electronics refit/upgrade (as we did with Furuno products last year) installed by Emerald Harbor Marine (which is who we used).  But the owner was a software executive, which neither Alison or myself are!  But the lightbulb clicked on – we new the boat and owner that the story centered around but couldn’t figure out how the lead photo was of our Red Rover!

Yesterday I reached out to the other owner to see if he had any ideas on what was going on along with sending him a copy of the story.  As it turns out, he did talk to the writer last year but wanted to stay anonymous, hence the lack of a photo of their boat.  But we both scratched our head as to why the magazine would download a photo from our blog without asking!  Anyways, we do enjoy seeing Red Rover in print.  We now have a couple of copies here on the boat.  I also reached out to the publication questioning their photo swiping policy but have yet to receive a response…

Please click the link below to read the article:

Red Rover – Yachting May 2018

Links to Red Rover’s electronics refit:

Navigation Upgrade for Red Rover

Good boat neighbors help tear apart your home!

Christmas in March? Red Rover thinks so.

Navigation System Upgrade