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Who are we?  Boat nuts. Nordhavn raving fans. Water lovers. Adventure seekers. Kirsten and Mike’s parents. Zoe and now Max’s humans.

Zoe is really in charge here.

While that pretty much sums us up, for those readers who aren’t quite satisfied with that series of statements, here’s a bit more.

Boats and the water have captured our hearts and minds for years.  Early in our relationship we lived on Vashon Island where we felt that we of course needed to own a boat!  What we could afford and what we wanted were a bit different however, so we ended up with a hunter green Old Town Canoe.  Our farthest cruise?  Across Quartermaster Harbor.  In 2004 we rented a houseboat on Lake Shasta in northern California.  About an hour into the experience I (Alison) turned to Kevin and said, “let’s buy a boat!”  Being a man who loves anything with an engine, Kevin needed no further encouragement. One week after our return to Seattle we had a brand new 22 foot Bayliner ski boat.  We reveled in our newfound mobility and speed, flying around Lake Washington with kids on skis, tubes, the infamous “taco” and a wakeboard.  After a few seasons on the lake we yearned for more.  Hmmm… Puget Sound?  Why not?  Off we went!

At the end of each summer day and the end of each boating season we found ourselves feeling great sadness.  We had to go home for the night or worse, put the boat away for the year.  So… after Kevin sold his company in 2007, we bought our first cruising boat – Island Dog, a 4788 Bayliner pilothouse cruiser.  In the next 9 years we put 10,000 nm on that boat, all in the Puget Sound.  Island Dog lived at Skyline Marina in Anacortes, WA for many years and the San Juan Islands were our weekend playground – all year round.  Our boat was a gathering place for friends, family and lots and lots of kids.  And dogs.  Of course. It was glorious fun and we loved every minute of it.

Island Dog in Friday Harbor, WA
Wow that pilothouse looks funny now – Kevin and our beloved Bean dog.
Bean loved the boat the most.  Really, beyond anyone else!
Bean and Rio, the original boat dogs, waiting to go to shore in the dinghy.

Somewhere along the line we went to the Seattle Boat Show and walked on board a Nordhavn.  The sales person (who may have been Don Kohlman – not sure!) handed us a DVD (yes a DVD) of the 2004 Nordhavn Atlantic Rally, otherwise known as the NAR.  We came home, watched the video and about 30 minutes into it turned to each other and said “I want to do that.”  We’ve watched that video maybe 60 times since. And with the realization that we wanted to experience the world by boat, we became Nordhavn Dreamers.  For a long, long time. We raised our kids, worked hard at building our respective companies and suddenly the dream seemed achievable.

In 2016 we sold our house and bought our beloved Nordhavn 55, Red Rover.  And this blog began!

Red Rover #12


We’re Kevin and Alison Jeffries.  We live on our Nordhavn 55, Red Rover with our rescue dogs, Zoe and Maximo (aka Max).  In June, 2019 Alison “retired” from her Seattle-based company, Red Propeller. At the same time, Kevin handed the reins of his architectural signage company, Waypoint Sign Co., to his amazing leadership team. Wala! In an instant, our long-time dream of cruising full-time came true!  We headed north to British Columbia to relax a bit and in September, 2019 we left the PNW, with the bow pointed south.  Cruising life had begun!


But what about family, you might ask? Our kids are pretty much grown up.  Kirsten graduated from the University of Tennessee in May, 2019 and then completed a fellowship at the Institute for Rowing Leadership (IRL) at Community Rowing in Boston, Massachusetts.  She is also a boat nut, but of the human-powered variety as she is a super-fit rower.  Kirsten is just starting her career as a Division 1 rowing coach at Loyola Marymount University in sunny southern California. Our son Mike solves the problems of the mysterious computing cloud during the day and runs around on nights and weekends with his awesome wife Jenny and their rescue dog Andy.  The other Jeffries live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  While they are pretty far from the ocean they love their own adventures hiking in the mountains and traveling.  Jenny is going to be our resident fisher-person on some upcoming adventures.  So stay tuned for that!

We’re coming out with our album next year… (photo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)



10 thoughts on “About us

  1. We are so very much enjoying reading your blog. We also have a nordhavn 55 . we call her Ramblin Rose, but she was commission as N5516 and named Starfish then was Large Flightless Birds. She is in Floirida and we live in Portland.
    Quick question any tips on how to get your dogs to use the boat for potty. We started out trip with an older Labrador who has since passed and we could not despite all we read and tried including going to trainers get him to use the boat as a potty. we are looking forward to a new pup and wondered if you had any advice. Hope to meet up with you sometime.
    Carol Otis and Roger Goldingay
    PS did you ever meet Barbara Drinkwater animal rescue while you lived on Vashon? She is a dear friend of mine.

    1. Hi Carol! So glad to “meet” another 55 owner! We know the boat (but never went on her). Congrats! Our black lab waited 35 hours to use the potty patch on the way back from Alaska (outside of Vancouver Island). Desperation finally won out. She doesn’t want to use it. But we’re hoping with the addition of Max the puppy it will feel more acceptable to her. Max is extremely food motivated so we would take him to the patch, say, “go potty” over and over and reward him with lots of pats and treats when he did. About a week later he had it down. He is a pro now. Hope that helps! We didn’t know Barbara but we know about the animal rescue – a great organization! Hope to meet you all someday soon!! – Alison

      1. Thanks so very much!! We enjoy your blog so much! We are on the hard in Stuart Florida but hope to be headed to Bahamas in Dec

  2. It is Joe and Lynn from Ocean Suite and we haven’t seen a blog lately. Just checking in to make sure all is well.

    1. Hi Lynn! SO GREAT to hear from you! I was just telling someone the other day about this awesome woman who is a total BOSS in docking her boat. 🙂 And then we looked at summer photos and yearned to go north. All is well. We were way out without wifi/cell service. Back in the US now and I just posted a new post. Hope you guys are well and doing something fun this summer! – Alison

  3. Hi Kevin and Alison! Oh we love your posts! My husband and I are on the hunt for a boat to retire on. We’ve spent the last year searching and researching! We had the pleasure to meet Mike/Nicole of Pendana last summer and they mentioned the two of you. Wondering if, when you have time, we could pick your brain a bit? Let us know 🙂

    Thank you!!
    Miles & Celeste Smart

    1. Hi Miles + Celeste! Aww thanks! So glad you are enjoying it. 🙂 Of course! We would be happy to chat. I will shoot you an email. Happy day!

  4. Hi Alison and Kevin; My wife, Jodi, and I recently came across your blog and have enjoyed reading about your adventures. We are in the hunt for a quality trawler yacht, and Nordhavn is obviously in the mix. We were wondering if we could ask you a few questions about the practical aspects of operating a 55 Nordhavn?

    Thank you,

    Marv Ritter

    1. Oh gosh! I just realized that both of us talked about writing you and saying OF COURSE!! And then neither of us did it, thinking the other had. I am so sorry! Please. We are always happy to chat about the boat. Send us an email at alison@comeonrover.com and Kevin@waypointsignco.com and we can answer questions that way or happy to set up a call. Sorry again! In the meantime, enjoy the search – so fun!

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