Navigation Upgrade for Red Rover

The next project we are undertaking on Red Rover is to upgrade the navigation system.  The existing system is over 12 years old.  It does work, heck, it got us up the west coast!  But it is showing its age and there are some fluky things that happen now and again that bother us.  So we are replacing almost all navigation systems minus the autopilots with Furuno equipment.  To be able to make this happen this spring (before our trip to Alaska, I am undertaking the demolition portion of the project.  I will also make new dashes back at the shop for all the new equipment/locations.  I will also assist the techs with pulling new cables/wires.  They should, in theory, come to Red Rover next week to a nearly clean slate.  Below are a few photos over the last week of demo…

Pre demo look…
Helm chair, wheel and doors/drawers removed
Out it comes!
What is behind door number one?  Miles of cables!
Wow!  That is why you label your cables!

13 thoughts on “Navigation Upgrade for Red Rover

  1. I just did a similar upgrade, removing 4 Furuno VX2 Chartplotters, Radars, etc. Like you, the only thing I kept on our N47 were the dual Simrad AP’s. Last week I put a bunch of the old equipment up on Ebay and this week, I collected about $4K for the effort. Not a bad return, considering the technician wanted to throw it all out!

      1. Nice. You’ll love the upgrade! I had already upgraded electronics on my last boat, so when I bought Roam last year, I absolutely hated having to take a huge step back. My only regret is that I did the upgrade in pieces rather than just ripping the bandaid off and get it all done at once like you appear to be doing.

        BTW, take the time to pull all the old wiring out before you start going back with new gear. On Roam, there were many yards of abandoned wire from prior projects. Most technicians won’t pull it out because it adds to the cost of the project. Since you’re taking everything out yourself, you can afford to take the time to do it right!

        Good luck!

      2. Yes, we are pulling most everything out, which I would think is easier. And pulling all cables for the old stuff (and other random stuff) at the same time. Start fresh. As my neighbor is hoping to reuse cables, it does take a bit longer to pull as I am labeling each one and trying to keep them in one piece…

  2. Strangely I’ve just done pretty much the same on N43-25 Zephyros. Removed 2x Navnet VX2 10.4″ plotters plus 2x open array scanners and a small flybridge plotter.
    Replaced it with 2x 15″ usedFuruno screens, 2x NavNet3D plotters,a used NN3D black box, 2 used radar scanners and a Gigabyte Brix pc running Maxsea Time Zero. Also a used Furuno FA50 AIS Transponder. Very pleased

  3. Hi- looks like you are pulling Simrad out. Would like to know what you are replacing with? It would be interesting to read about the new setup.

    1. Hi Larry –

      The nav system is mostly all circa 2005 Raymarine equipment. The Simrad you’ve noticed is the two autopilots – which is really the only thing that we are keeping. We will be installing Furuno TZ Touch 2 equipment paired with a PC chartplotter. I will detail out the equipment list in an upcoming post.

  4. If that’s a Simrad FU25 follow-up lever, and your neighbor is not laying claim to it, I would love to purchase it for my boat, N43-09 Wanderlust. Bob Breum

    1. Hi Larry – the simrad autopilots (and associated FU units, pumps, etc) are pretty much the only things that we are keeping. Are they a difficult item to source now?

  5. Hello Kevin – I purchased N5730 not long ago and I’m doing a couple of panel upgrades. We are based in Lake Washington now so not far away. The boat has two TZtouch systems – a TZT9 and TZT14. I am adding another TZT14 and getting rid of a computer and Nauticomp display. The boat has two Simrad autopilots and I’ve been in touch with Rich Barnes (the guy for these). I’m also looking to change the smaller radar to the Furuno NXT doppler system which has so many nice features. Would love to talk when possible. Tom Hamilton

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