Where’s Red Rover? What are Alison and Kevin up to?

Well, hello everyone!

I haven’t updated the blog in a bit. And I’ve been hearing from people about it. Which is actually pretty motivating to write something. I’ve met people at the Seattle Boat Show, at Nordhavn events, and randomly walking around in marinas who come over and say hello and tell me how much they enjoy our blog. That makes me blush. And feel all warm inside. So thank you! It’s always nice to know that someone is reading what you write!

Lately, we’ve had a lot of questions from people. Where are we? Where’s Red Rover? Why haven’t we updated the blog? And this past weekend we even had a boat broker ask us if we’d like to sell the boat because as he said, “you aren’t using it.” Hmm. Well, Red Rover is our home. And our great-big-giant-humungous-love. And she’s not for sale.

It’s true, we aren’t on Red Rover right now. We’re in Seattle. She was in Thunderbolt, Georgia (cover photo, by Savannah). Now she’s in Beaufort, South Carolina soaking up the sunshine and being cared for by the absolutely awesome Aaron and team at Lady’s Island Marina. We feel so good knowing that they’re watching out for her. And we’re missing her terribly. We’ll be hopping on a plane on Saturday to go see her, and to move her to less storm-prone waters for hurricane season. Baltimore!

Saying “see you soon” to Red in beautiful Beaufort.
The low country is spectacular. Red is surely enjoying it there.

We’ve been in Seattle since early January. And Kevin made a few longer trips back home to our beautiful Emerald City this past fall. You see, what the broker didn’t know (and didn’t ask about) is that we’re home in Seattle because we own a company here. And our amazing friend Darren runs that company for us. He is our friend, our business director and truly, he is a part of our family. If you’re a longtime reader of our blog, you’ve met Darren on our trip to Alaska, on our passage through the Panama Canal and in an upcoming story that is almost all done about the San Blas Islands. Darren has cancer. And we’re here to support him and our company. Darren has an amazing attitude and a very good prognosis. He’s the nicest guy you’ve ever met. And we love him. He’s working hard to beat this cancer and he absolutely will. In the meantime, we’re here. It can’t hurt to send a shout out to the universe for him though. So, if you feel so inclined, give a nod to Darren wherever you are! He’ll know.

Darren on the bow of Red Rover in Panama City with Scott and Abby (N55 Orenda) a few days before our Panama Canal transit.

In the meantime, we’ve become reacquainted with our city. We sold our house here 7 years ago and moved onto Red, and when we left to cruise full-time 4 years ago, we sold our cars. Arriving in Seattle in rainy, dark, January, we proceeded to put our life back together a bit. We live in a tiny apartment on Capitol Hill and we bought a car. But not any car. Avocado Toast, as we’ve named her, is a green Honda Element. She’s given Kevin something to do as he has turned her into an adventure mobile! AT is now an overlanding Element, with a sleeping platform, a pull-out fridge, and something that Red Rover must be jealous about – lithium battery power. I figure he might start building solar panels any day now, but thankfully he’ll have boat projects to keep him busy next week.

Just after buying Avocado Toast in Ellensburg, WA
Kevin works on the platform at his shop. Another perk of being home – access to big tools!
The piano-hinged platform can be shortened for pushing the front seats back and extended for sleeping.
And of course he found hinges with 270 degrees of motion for the platform legs.
Oh but now we need a roof basket and overlanding boxes. Of course we do!
Ready to go toastering! With a toaster shirt.

We’ve been roaming Washington State, “toastering” in AT, doing what is technically called “dispersed camping.” Basically we’re boondocking in the National Forest, which to us feels a lot like anchoring in a secluded cove. We just have to be outside. And we were missing that, all closed up in our little apartment. Toastering is a great solution for weekend adventure fun!

Alone in the woods. Ahhhh… I’ll stretch and say Nordahhhhhh. Hey Alexa!
Coffee in bed during the “testing phase” in a state park campground near Yakima, WA.
Kevin demonstrates the 12V cooler/fridge.
Boondocking near Chinook Pass in the Cascade Mountains. Like anchoring. But with fire.

We’ll be back to Seattle after we move Red up to Baltimore and we hope to be back on the boat full-time again this fall. In the meantime, we’ll be toastering all around the PNW on weekends, trying to see how much fun we can possibly have. Oh! And we’ll be waiting for the arrival of our new dinghy, which will ship from New Zealand in July and arrive in Baltimore sometime in August (maybe?). The new dinghy, named Zoe Girl, is a full carbon fiber OC Tender. We’re super excited about that! It’s the first time we’ve ever gone through a boat build (ha! 3.5 meters!).

I’ll be updating the blog with our travels from last year, with the San Blas Islands, a 5 night passage from Panama to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and another passage to Florida. I’ll also post some shorter stories about adventuring up the east coast of the US to Maine, and anchoring by the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. But I might also post a few overlanding stories about our little green adventure machine, Avocado Toast. I hope you’ll all find it interesting.

Kevin and Max on the couch in our little apartment, sitting under a photo we took in the San Blas Islands from the stern of the boat. It helps to own a sign company!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in our wanderings, you can follow me on Instagram @nordhavngirl. It’s a private account because I can’t stand crazy spammers. But send me a note so I know who you are. 🙂

Thanks to everyone for reading. And thanks so much for your patience. I’ll be back with more content soon. Cheers from Red Rover’s crew! A few photos for fun!

Ready for a hike!
Hammock stolen from the boat…
Wandering the forest service road to the trailhead.
Coooooolllllddd water.
Deception Pass State Park (not dispersed camping – or outlaw camping as Kevin’s Dad says) but the scenery is pretty spectacular and it allowed us to visit the notorious Rosario Ranch for Dutch Baby pancakes for breakfast!
University of Washington spring cherry blossoms (not camping but beautiful!)



26 thoughts on “Where’s Red Rover? What are Alison and Kevin up to?

  1. Thanks for the update on what you and Kevin have been up to Alison. I’m sad to learn about Darren but I trust he will fully recover. Have fun toastering! Looking forward to your new adventurs on Red Rover. I’ll look for you on Instagram.
    Best regards,

    1. Thanks for the kind note Stewart! Toastering is an excellent distraction while we are land-based. And happy we have connected on the Gram.

    1. Thanks so much Kimberley – he is going to come out the other side and we will have a most excellent celebration!

  2. We’re so glad to get this blog post. We were worried as we hadn’t received any replies from you via LINE and saw that your boat was stationary and thought the worst. Thank you so much for updating everyone. Glad you are safe and sound and our thoughts go out to Darren.

    1. Bruce!!! How are you? Where are you? Yes, we kind of fell off the Line group when we became temporary land people. We were just kinda sad. We are on WhatsApp. Would love to connect.

  3. Thanks for this update! Miss you guys. We are starting our full time cruising initiative in the fall and will be headed your way.
    John and Erin
    MV Dragon

    1. Woo-hoo! Glad to hear the full time cruising plan is about to happen! Excited for you guys and miss you too. Hope we will see you on the east coast soon.

  4. Hello Allison; I enjoy your blog and miss it when it’s not available. I understand how much time can be taken up living full time on a boat, especially a Nordhavn 55. All the best.

  5. Enjoyed the update! Lots of positive thoughts sent out to Darren and I love how you have embraced the west coast lifestyle and made this a positive time … Red will be there for you in the fall and ready for more of your adventures! Enjoy your land-cruising! Have a great summer!

  6. Keep the adventures going!!
    Vaughan and Rita from Codville Lagoon . B. C. Coast.

  7. Hi Alison,
    I would love to follow your amazing adventures on Instagram. I’m envious but my husband gets sea sick, where as I grew up with a father who lived to 🐟!
    Thank you,

    1. Ah! I get seasick sometimes too! Thanks for the nice note and absolutely follow along! 😀 Alison

  8. Red Rover Red Rover can Moondance come over?
    This is Carol and John aboard Moondance N35 #20 of 24. We are docked nearby in Baltimore harbor about 50 meters from Red Rover and she looks wonderful. We can see her out our starboard windows. We will be here for 2 weeks from 7-27 to August 7th. If you are in Baltimore while we are here, we would love to share stories. You have been big inspiration for us moving from dreamers to owners. We would like to thank you.

    Safe travels
    Carol & John
    MVMoondance #20

    1. Hi Carol and John! I see your email and I am going to send you a note! So happy to connect!

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