Nordhavn TACO Run 2019

The Nordhavn Taco Run is complete!  And what fun we had!  There are two stories about the Taco Run – both are long and have lots of photos.  We didn’t have much service for posting along the way, so the posts are a bit wordy.  And photo-y.  So much thanks to the crews of N60 Last Arrow, N57 Audrey Mae, N55 Gitana, N47 Igloo, N47 Epoch and N46 Partida for joining us in this awesome adventure.  Love to you all.

Part I

Part II


As you may have read in an earlier post, we’ve been talking about taking Red Rover to Mexico for a while.  The idea grew legs as we shared our thoughts with a few other owner friends who had similar desires of traveling south this coming winter.  Last fall, we put the idea out to the Nordhavn owners about traveling as a group from the Pacific Northwest to the tip of Baja Mexico.  So far, a small group of Nordhavn owners from the Northwest have joined in to travel to California together.  After stopping in Dana Point for the Nordhavn Film Festival, the PNW group will gather in San Diego along with a few additional California Nordhavns to trek across the border and on to San Jose del Cabo.

Our departure date from Seattle is mid-September.  We will post updates to NTR 2019 on this page as well as posts on our trip down this fall.

If you are interested in joining fleet and would like to know more about what we are planning, send us an email!