Red Rover on the little big screen…a new video from Nordhavn!

We’re seriously honored. And really excited. And slightly red in the cheeks. Why? Well…you may have noticed that Nordhavn/Pacific Asian Enterprises released a little video about the Red Rover crew this past week. Gosh. We’re so flattered. Doug Harlow, who is the webmaster and video guru at PAE produced this almost 17 minute gem and made us and our boat look amazingly good. Thank you Doug. You are a prince among men!

Filming on the flybridge with Doug.

Nordhavn produces a series entitled Owner Profiles – and they interview and showcase a few owners every so often. The last two in the series are about Grankito, a beautiful N64, and her Chilean owners. We’d love to meet them as they seem like great people! Maybe someday… but they are headed north and we are headed south. If you haven’t seen it, click here. It’s fantastic. I want to go to Chile!

In 2019, the Nordhavn team reached out to us to talk about doing an owner profile about us, and our beloved Red Rover. We settled on a date in the early spring of 2020, with a destination of Marina Puerto Escondido in Loreto, Mexico. Plane tickets were purchased (Doug and his amazing bride Laura). Marina reservations were made (us). And then….enter COVID. Plane tickets were cancelled. We hunkered down at the marina and in the Sea of Cortez, staying pretty much to ourselves with our buddy boat N55 Gitana.

Fast forward to NAPS 2021. We flew home to Seattle from Loreto, stepped out of our rental car and talked to Doug who said, hey I still want to do that video!

We settled on dates in late September/early October. Doug and his wife Laura flew down to Loreto and we welcomed them aboard Red. They are incredible, fun, interesting and very cool people. And we loved having them – we can’t wait for their next visit! Kevin, Zoe and Max and I learned what it feels like to be followed by a camera, and when Doug and Laura left we were busy looking around for our personal paparazzi! Seriously though, we enjoyed all of the time we spent together and Max figured out that he could be in pretty much every shot if he tried hard enough.

Laura did a pretty good job of hiding from the camera, but we captured her here! At La Picazon.
We anchored in front of Loreto to go to Mi Loreto for dinner and film in town. Little did we know that we framed the boat perfectly.

We did manage to turn the camera on Doug… (above)

Saying goodbye. Miss these two fun people!

We are so pleased, and so very grateful to have been featured in this Nordhavn production. But what we are most excited about is the opportunity to share our beloved Loreto, Marina Puerto Escondido and the Sea of Cortez with other people through the lens of cruising. If you ever have the chance to visit this stunning area by boat, plane, car, RV or whatever, just go. The scenery is spectacular. The people are even more so.

This past Monday morning I couldn’t sleep. I was scrolling through social media aimlessly at 5 am and then decided to check my email. WAKE UP KEVIN! A link to a draft of the video was in my inbox. We hit go on the coffee maker, sat up in bed in a rolly anchorage and watched the video, unsure if we’d feel a little awkward, silly or uneasy. We felt none of the above – rather we felt honored and grateful. A few tears were shed, as they have been every time we have watched the video (we’re probably up to 12 views now).

Thank you Doug. You have an incredible talent to weave a story. We feel as if you captured us, our love for our boat, and the beautiful community of Loreto just as we would have wished. What a gift – a memory that we will have forever, captured in 17 minutes of stunning footage. We are so thankful.

Haven’t seen it? Check it out here!

2 thoughts on “Red Rover on the little big screen…a new video from Nordhavn!

  1. Oh I love this post – I can’t wait to see the video! We met Victor and Ana Marie and saw their owner profile several months after – and truly, Nordhavn captured their beautiful spirit! I’m looking forward to seeing yours.

    1. Thanks Laurie! Doug is amazing – he makes us all look great! 🙂 I am jealous that you were able to meet Victor and Ana Marie – hope we meet them someday soon. AND… looking forward to cruising with you all one day soon too!

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