Big Left Turn Ahead

“Come watch me disconnect us from Seattle.”  That was Kevin’s cheesy line this morning as he removed the 50 amp power cord and coiled it up in the cockpit.  While it was a bad dad joke, for sure, it was also true.  After a frenetic 2.5 weeks in Seattle that included 11 days in the boat yard, many “boat units (aka $)” a whirlwind trip to Boston, a family funeral, a last Seahawks Sunday at CenturyLink Field, and a whole lot of work, we untied the lines once more this morning.  And while our July 1 departure to British Columbia felt like “the big moment” of starting our new life, today is actually the beginning of something huge.  We’re migrating south for the winter.  See ya later, Seattle.

The crews of N43 MV Freedom and Red Rover with Red Rover hats, saying “until we meet again (in October).”
Riding in a very different kind of boat (a coaching launch) with our daughter Kirsten as she coaches a recreational rowing master’s group at 6 am on the Charles River in Boston.
Our son Mike who came for a visit from Colorado, and Max.
The scene in the cockpit last night, loading up supplies of fuel additive, oil and coolant – should last us til May!
Epoch and Red Rover at Shilshole this morning, getting ready to head out!

Today we’re rolling toward Port Angeles with our friends Scott and Abby on N47 Epoch.  We’ll meet N63 Lady Di there, and on Friday morning we’ll head out to Neah Bay to stage for our “big left turn” around Cape Flattery.  We have a lot of fun stops planned along the way to Mexico, including the Nordhavn Film Festival in Dana Point, CA. In San Diego, we’ll pick up six more Nordhavns for an important mission – the Nordhavn Taco Run.  And as we should have much better cell service, we’ll update the blog more frequently.  That said, the first post will be a look backwards at Desolation Sound in British Columbia. It’s been a little busy.  So that story is coming soon!

Zoe taking a look at Seattle, saying, “see you in May!”
Goodbye gloomy morning.
Epoch running along behind us.

In the meantime, here are some exciting images that depict how we managed to throw more thousands of dollars at Red Rover.  She does appreciate the spa treatment!

Getting ready to come out of the water – hate this part.
Strapped in and ready to go.
Red is a big girl.  144,000 pounds at haul-out.
Kevin and Brad Miller, of Emerald Harbor Marine, who has helped us on SO many projects.  He is a boat guru, a super good person who always answers the phone when we call, and we love him.  Plus he just loves to read our blog.  Ask him about it.
Threefie.  Kevin, Alison and Red.
Ethan from Emerald Harbor heating up the prop to remove it.
Pulling the prop.
Go Brad go!  Pulling the shaft.
The 14 year old shaft.  First time we had pulled it – crevice corrosion = decision to get a new shaft. We pulled it because it was the only major item we had not touched on the boat… and it turns out it was a good decision prior to our big trip.


While enjoying the joys of living in a boat yard (yes we lived onboard for the whole time), we tackled the teak rail.
Tired of dealing with “shelacking” even this much teak, we decided to switch to Cemco teak sealer which has a more natural look and a very easy care schedule!
Easy breezy teak
A romantic sunset in the boat yard
And they are back!  Installing the $$$ new shaft.
Red’s 5-bladed prop, painted in three coats of Petit barnacle barrier plus two coats of Petit ablative bottom paint.  A new strategy.  We’ll see how it works!
Red with her pretty new bright red bottom paint (brought up to a higher point on the hull) and a new navy boot stripe.  She’s ready for the fall fashion season.


15 thoughts on “Big Left Turn Ahead

  1. Happy cruising! We loved Emerald Harbor Marine- especially Brad and his sweet dog Axle- Brad did beautiful work on our 46. Also, We had Verizon cell service over 15 miles out- you may have it once you’re out there! Excited for you!

  2. We wish you Fair Seas. Looks like we will be a little more than a week behind you. We pick up Miss Miranda tomorrow at Philbrooks, then back to Anacortes to load up on fuel and all the necessities of life. Looking for our BLT departure somewhere around 9/20. See you in CA!

  3. Watched you enter and leave Ganges Harbour from our window this summer, wishing you a great trip south, that first night out on the big water always has a special adrenaline factor….
    It is pouring rain here today and you will likely have a real mix of weather over the next few days…
    Salt Spring Island

  4. There is a Nordhavn Film Festival? who knew. Safe Travels! Katherine Laird– stuck in Seattle. Until next time….

  5. Safe travels! We met you at Toba Resort. We live just minutes from Dana Point. Please call. Would love to get together with you. Guy and Bette on STORMY…GB 46 Europa

    1. Hi Guy and Bette! Good to hear from you! We are on our way to Dana Point, arriving late this afternoon. PAE is throwing a few parties that we’re attending this weekend but we would love to say hi if we can align our schedules! But first, we have to wash this poor boat. It is DIRTY. 🙂 Do you have our boat card with our contact info? Fun!

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