Lugger L1276A Valve Adjustment

Red Rover‘s main engine, the Lugger L1276A, requires a valve adjustment only once in it’s lifetime at 2500 hours.  The process is very similar to what we had practiced in Lugger Bob’s Northern Lights diesel class.  We did not have record of this work being done previously so we decided to undertake the project ourselves before we departed north.  I had a couple of friends volunteer to help, our neighbor Darren and a former classmate in my Captain’s class, Somerset.

The process is nicely detailed in the John Deere service manual.  After removing the valve cover, we used a couple of John Deere sourced tools to rotate the engine to top dead center.  At this point I realized that my standard 1/2″ wide feeler gauge set was too wide to fit in the space to measure valve clearance.  John Deere has a feeler gauge set that is a 1/4″ wide.  Oh boy.  Well, out came the cordless grinder with a metal cutoff wheel and we nipped the two required blades in half.  Problem solved.

At this point, the service manual details which intake and exhaust valves along with the injectors to adjust before rotating the engine 360 degrees to repeat the process on the other half of the valves and injectors.  We then cleaned up, reinstalled the valve cover and put the tools away.  Project done!

Red Rover Valve Job0004
This tool is inserted to connect with the flywheel.  A socket/ratchet is used to then rotate the engine.  Makes finding TDC easy!  But a metal elbow from the secondary fuel filter did not allow the tool in the hole…
Red Rover Valve Job0005
We temporarily loosened the fitting and rotated it out of the way…
Red Rover Valve Job0006
…and the tool fit perfectly.
Red Rover Valve Job0009
A plug covered the access hole for the timing pin.  This allows us to find TDC.
Red Rover Valve Job0010
Timing pin being inserted.
Red Rover Valve Job0015
“Adjusting” the feeler gauges…
Red Rover Valve Job0016
After deburring, we had feeler gauges that worked!
Red Rover Valve Job0014
In the middle, you can see the second timing pin.
Red Rover Valve Job0018
The ever handy service manual.

Red Rover Valve Job0017Red Rover Valve Job0012

Red Rover Valve Job0013
Out of order photo – this shows where you need to insert a 1/4″ wide feeler gauge, not the 1/2″ wide like I had.
Red Rover Valve Job0019
We marked the balancer so that we knew where 360 degree turn roughly would be.

Red Rover Valve Job0007

Red Rover Valve Job0011
Somerset seeing how the valve is adjusted by turning the top of the pin.

Red Rover Valve Job0020Red Rover Valve Job0021


4 thoughts on “Lugger L1276A Valve Adjustment

  1. Kevie mate.. just caught up on your trip, well done finally left for good.. !! ENJOY is all I can say – time away will be great.. take care buddy, and know I am with you all in spirit.

  2. Did you notice any difference after adjusting the valves. Could you tell by the feeler gauge that they needed to be adjusted?
    Thanks. Patrick

    1. Hi Patrick,
      The engine was a bit quieter and a touch smoother than before. Yes, the feeler gauge was used at each valve before and after to check. Most valves needed some adjustments… Some were slightly to tight while others were a bit loose.

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