Teak Table for Flybridge

When we were looking at Nordhavns and the different models, a flybridge was on the want list.  Living in the Northwest, we knew that the flybridge would initially receive less use.  With our goal of cruising in warmer climates, we had put “sprucing up the flybridge” on the future to do list.  Well, that time has come.  This spring we found someone to recover our cushions with a Sunbrella fabric, we have Stidd chairs on order to replace the standard helm chairs and I found a company that could make a simple teak table top to replace the stock white fiberglass one.

The table top was the first thing to arrive.  So yesterday I tackled the removal and install of it.  I figured it would be a 20 min project.  I went to the engine room tool storage area and grabbed a few items and put in my canvas tool bag.  On the flybridge, I removed the 12 screws holding the top to the brackets.  I could see that some adhesive was used as well.  Then I remembered that the factory buys 3M 5200 in 55 gallon drums and uses it on everything!  My 20 minute job turned in to a 75 minute job plus 3 additional trips to the engine room to get more/bigger/sharper tools.  For those of you that tackle your own boat projects, I see you nodding your head knowingly…  I used a variety of knives to cut some of the adhesive before adding a selection of “wedges” to slowly pry/cut/pry/cut the bracket and table top apart.  Fortunately there were “only” two brackets to separate!

After removal, I cleaned up the top of the brackets before test fitting and finding the new table top’s perfect spot.  Once clamped in place, I pre-drilled the teak and screwed in the fasteners.  I eliminated the adhesive on the new install.

We look forward to our new helm chairs and cushion covers, which should arrive next week.  Once the rest of the items arrive and are installed, we will post final photos.


Factory fiberglass table top.
Nice factory brackets.
It took a bit of effort to separate the bracket from the table top.
Test fit. Measure twice…


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