Living aboard, cruising and working too

6 thoughts on “Living aboard, cruising and working too”

  1. Outstanding! Thanks for sharing your story. It’s inspirational. What kind of jobs do you have that permit you to live the dream?


    1. Hi Bob – Alison and I each own our own companies. More recently this has allowed us a bit more freedom to do what we want outside of work but we still do head in to the office most of the time. We are looking forward to even less time in the offices so that we can extend our cruises!


  2. Nice post…
    I have set my retirement date! March 1, 2018. Yup, less than two months away. We figure we will be on the Silent Runner by Mid March for at least a month or two. Then it’s back to Utah to sell our home in Provo and re-locate to St. George, Utah, six hour drive to San Diego where the Silent Runner is Ported out of. But for us, winters in Mexico, Summers in the PNW. We hope to spend little time in our dirt home for at least the next five years.


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