Juneau, Funter Bay & Hoonah

4 thoughts on “Juneau, Funter Bay & Hoonah”

  1. Hello Kevin and Alison
    Thank you very much for your great an inspiring post on the Nordhavn dreamers site.
    I‘m a „dreamer“ since several years living with my family in Germany close to Stuttgart.
    We spend our next summer vacation in the US (westcoast) and Canada. The last week (3rd week in August) we have chartered a boat at Nanaimo to cruise the islands….. (a little step towards the dream….)
    We will also be in Seattle for two days. Is there any chance to have a look at your wonderful boat – at least from the outside?
    Looking forward to your reponse.


    1. Thomas, thank you for your note! What an exciting vacation to look forward to… The islands are just amazing to cruise thru. You will feel spoiled. If we not out on a cruise ourselves (we’ve not set our cruising schedule for the summer yet), we would enjoy showing you Red Rover! Let us know when you are in town!


      1. Thanks a lot for your quick and friendly response!
        We will be in Seattle mid of August (around 13th to 15th)
        I willcontact you a few weeks ahead.
        What is the best way? E-mail, cell phone?


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