Kevin does crew?

Last month I was asked to join crew, well kinda.   Don’t confuse me “joining crew” with what our daughter Kirsten does – rowing crew…  I took the much easier option!  This past week, I had the pleasure to crew for Tanglewood, taking her from Salmon Bay Marine Center up to Delta Marine for a haul out.

Peter Hayden’s plan was to travel thru the locks, “sea trial” around the sound for a few hours and then head up the Duwamish River to Delta.  Peter had Steve D’Antonio on board to review some systems and wanted to follow him around.  Douglas Cochrane also joined us and had the tough job of putting Tanglewood thru her paces once thru the locks.

Over the years, Alison and I have traveled thru the locks dozens of time.  As I have always been at the helm for those transits, it was a unique experience to be the line handler.  I enjoyed the day!

The day before we had 20 knot winds.  We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day than we had.
Peter at the wing station, Douglas as the ready!
The small locks are easier than the big locks but much skinnier.  Trust me when I say they feel about two feet wider than the boat…
I loved looking at a “modern” set of electronics.  Red Rover’s electronics are about 12 years old.  Still operational but we are looking what might be available for her in a few years.
Getting close to Delta!  Peter, Steve and Douglas…
Peter at the starboard wing controls.  Jealous that he has controls on the port side as well…
Douglas waiting to tie up Tanglewood.
Love to look what others do on their boats.  Red Rover will have a set of hooks here in the same place soon…
We use a bungee cord here too when dropping and retrieving the ground tackle.  But we store it in the pilothouse.  This idea of sending one end thru and tying a knot is simple but smart!
Tanglewood in Big Bob’s sling.  I remember doing this recently!
Jim Jackson at the “Drone” controls!
Graham and Peter discuss what to do next.
Yes, Red Rover will receive hooks here too!
Going up!

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