For the last week, we have had the threat of a huge windstorm here in the Pacific Northwest.  Multiple storms in a row actually.  The last one, hitting today, is the last little bit of a Pacific typhoon.   It looks like it will keep a bit west of Seattle.  If it did hit us more directly, it has been compared to the worst windstorm Seattle has seen since 1962.  But it is staying west and will point directly at James and Claire ( sitting in Vancouver, BC. Sorry James.

Wednesday, I headed over to Fisheries Supply to pick up two new fenders and a few extra lines.  They have been on the to do list but this upcoming event seemed like a good enough excuse to get over and pick those up.


Fender lineup



Lines and lines


Last night after tightening up the lines again, we looked at the wind meter.  Gusting to 25 kts.  Not massive but it did move this 125,000 lbs boat around…


After taking Zoe for a pre-storm walk (in her new jacket) we came back to Red Rover to prepare a bit more for the storm…


Zoe in her new jacket



Pina Coladas – look for dancing in the rain soon…


Before we could enjoy our first sip, Alison noticed dripping water in the galley.  What!!??  Searching around, we found more dripping/water in the captain’s cabin behind the pilothouse.  And the shelf in there just forward of the dry stack enclosure was holding 1″ of water.  Ugh.  Down comes some ceiling panels.  It looks like water is following cabling down from the radar/equipment area on the stack.  One more thing to add to the list of things for Emerald Harbor (Red Rover is being hauled out next week for a list of items, more on that later).  So we have a few panels down and vessels around to catch the drips.


Ceiling above the galley



Cabling above the galley



Cabling from above.



This is the shelf that was full of water…


So the barometer is lower than we have seen it…  Supposed to go lower yet!


Wind is supposed to really kick in around 3pm thru 2am or so.  Gusts to 50 mph with a consistent 33 mph this evening.  Exciting!

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