Provisioning from afar?

Two weeks from today, Alison and I anticipate taking possession of Insignia.  Shortly there after, we will set out to bring her home to Seattle.  This gives us a very small window to provision in.  We will be down next week for the surveys/sea trial/haul out, at which point we will confirm what is truly being left by Neil and Elaine.  Other than some fuel, spares, typical fenders/lines/shore power cords and miscellaneous galley/bed coverings, this will be a pretty bare boat (as we anticipated).

So we have started a provisioning list.  And sub lists.  I think I need a list of my lists!  Our main list is broken down by rooms.  Within those areas, we have separate sub lists.  Tool kit list.  Spares list.  Pantry and consumables list.  Grocery list (for the trip up).  The main list is 5 pages long, and it is just started.  We have a fair amount of stuff here in Seattle that we want to ship down.  The other items, well, I should buy stock in Amazon as much as I order from there anyways.  So, yes, we will order much of the balance from the online giant.  But I struggled to figure out how to receive these dozens and dozens of packages remotely….

Operations Inside Inc.'s Fulfillment Center As U.K. Online Sales Due to Peak
Our first order will probably look like this…  This company will receive and store all of our packages for as long as needed.  When the package arrives, they notify you via text/email.  You can then schedule your package (or dozens of packages in our case) to be delivered by their driver in a 1 hour window of time of your choice.  Oh, yeah.  Convenient.

So insider trading tip, if you buy Amazon stock this week, I hear a very large customer order will be placed next week…

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