NAPS 2018 Follow Up

NAPS 2018 Follow Up

NAPS 2018 was, well, a bunch of fun! At least once we left the dock… Although NAPS officially didn’t start until Friday afternoon, Alison and I had planned to head up Thursday after she was home from the office. I had left the office early to go provision for the Saturday evening dinner of ribs/chicken and wine (courtesy of Dan Streech at PAE).

Between broken trash compactor that ended getting stuck in the down position and Alison having an extra long day, we decided to hang at the home dock and head up Friday morning.

The plastic trunnion nut broke at the bottom of the compacting cycle. With it full of garbage, it needed to be pulled before we left for the weekend. Two hours later, I had it pulled from the cabinetry and disassembled enough to find this issue, remove the garbage and put it back in place. I have since sourced the nut (made with aluminum) and it is now operational again.

We were up early, walked the dog, made some coffee and off the dock! Port Ludlow, here we come! Just out of Shilshole Bay Marina, our home port, we turned and saw Tom and Linda Hamilton in N5730 Set Free coming out of the locks. Fun! Someone to travel with.

N57 Set Free – but who is driving the boat?

About an hour later, the “racing Nordhavns” overtook N4717 Epoch with Scott Allen and Abby Nicholson onboard. We had some fun on the radio learning that Epoch is pronounced “Epic”. Now you tell me!

N47 Epoch

Once we caught up with Scott and Abby, the three boats juggled positions as we all were taking photos of each other. It was like a slow dance… or maybe more of a circus? There was a recent salmon season opening so the three Nordhavns encountered many fishing boats on the way. It mush have been quite a scene with the three boats coming at them “driving kinda funny”.



After we arrived in Port Ludlow, we settled in and enjoyed the arrival of the rest of the fleet.



The scheduled 5 o’clock appetizers and happy hour arrived right on time. The marina provided a couple of tables for our plates of food and napkins. What a great start to the weekend! Not really surprising, the socializing went on until after sundown!

Great food! Plus Zoe looking for some treats…
NAPS had the entire end of the dock to ourselves. A great location for happy hour!
So fun seeing Nordhavns everywhere. Even more fun to have all the owners around to talk with!


Captain Shawn striking his movie star like pose…
Happy hour moved to several different vessels, including Red Rover’s pilothouse. Wait, those bottles look almost empty!

Saturday brought another beautiful sunny day to Port Ludlow. This great weather allowed for the naming of two Nordhavns! Shawn and Elizabeth Krenke’s N43 and Tom and Linda’s N57 officially recieved their new names, Freedom and Set Free.

Looking sharp!
Shawn assisted Tom with a little buff after the Meridian lettering came off the transom of Set Free.
Tom, giving final approval…

What time was it? Need to prep some ribs! They need to bake for a good three hours… Somehow, 50 pounds of ribs followed Red Rover to Port Ludlow and they needed to be prepared for some ovens. Fortunately we had plenty of volunteers offering up the use of ovens. We spread them around four boats… wow, the entire dock smelled like ribs!

Secret ingredients!
50 lbs of pork ribs, ready for the oven!

Once those ribs were safely tucked away and cooking, there was time for some adventures….




One thing I wanted to do was to document the boats that joined us for the weekend. We had other owners join us by land as well, including a couple that flew in from Hawaii! Eric Clarke, N4023 Enfin, came and actually stayed in Red Rover’s captain’s cabin for the weekend. Larry and Mary Mason, N5737 No Plans, flew in from Hawaii. Dick and Peggy Koller, N55-20, had Isla Z anchored around the corner at their friends home, so joined us for dinner Saturday evening.

Brit and Jan Etzold on N4740 Escape Velocity
Don and Jill Bernard on N4314 Seaborne
Mike and Lou Ann Forshee on N46 Silent Runner
Scott Allen and Abby Nicholson on N4717 Epoch
Kevin and Alison Jeffries on N5505 Red Rover. Who was in charge of the shorepower cord?
Tom and Linda Hamilton on N5730 Set Free
Dennis and Julie Fox on their recently aquired 60′ Willard Julie K. Dennis and Julie are serial Nordhavn owners (owned 5).
Keith and Kathy Hallman on N4753 Sea Cairn
Shawn and Elizabeth on N43 Freedom

Ok, back to the good stuff. Food! Three plus hours later, the ribs were ready to be pulled and cooled before heading up to the Port Ludlow event tent for dinner. I realize I am focusing on the ribs, but we did have 15 pounds of marinated chicken thighs that were ready to go as well. We didn’t want anyone to go hungry!

Shawn was a huge help, first delivering ribs to boats and later gathering them back up.
Ribs, cooling…. Oh, there’s the 15lbs of chicken thighs back by the cooktop…

We hauled the meat, sides, drinks and such up to the event tent. The marina also provided two large BBQs for us to use.

I should make a point here that literally every single person asked what they could do to help, before the weekend started as well as all throughout the event. As it was a pretty casual encounter, not much was needed. The oven space was a great help and I did have Shawn and Scott help with the dinner setup and BBQing of the meat. As dinner was wrapping up, Shawn and I took a few minutes to fly our drones around the harbor. When we turned around, the entire space was cleaned up! Thank you everyone!

Also, thank you Don Kolhmann for coming by with the box of Nordhavn caps and good cheer! We all know that everyone is short a Nordhavn hat…


Everyone brought sides and desserts to accompany the ribs and chicken. Um, we had leftovers…


All weekend allowed owners to tour the other boats. It’s great to go on the other models but the huge value is seeing the tips and tricks that the others are doing on their boats. I found Scott and Abby’s anchor hold down very cool and effective. It is now on my to do list!


We had some friends stop by, currently Krogen 48 owners but moving in to being Nordhavn Dreamers and maybe even owners sometime (soon Digby and Pam!)? We all started our goodbyes. And until next time…

Pam and Digby!
Sea Cairn heading out.
Goodbye Elizabeth!

Alison and I motored home on the flybridge of Red Rover. What a great weekend. It was wonderful to see the owners that we’ve met and cruised with before and so much fun to actually see the faces and shake hands of those owners we’ve only emailed with, had discussions with on the NOG or knew via social media. After getting back to the home port and giving the boat a quick rinse, it was time for some easy dinner up top.


Thanks to everyone that joined us. Maybe we should do it again?!?

NAPS 2018

NAPS 2018

Nordhavns Around Puget Sound 2018

We will update this page with any new information when appropriate!  And please spread the word!

We currently have 12+ sets of owners that will be joining NAPS, most by boat but some coming to stay at the Inn or just for the day on Saturday.


5 o’clock somewhere (in the PNW) Friday Night Apps and Drinks on the dock!  Please bring an appetizer to share and your favorite beverage to socialize with everyone!  5pm out by Red Rover.

Saturday Night there will be a dinner up at the tent west of the marina office.  Ribs and chicken will be provided and we just ask for everyone to bring a side or dessert.  Please let us know which one you will be bringing!  We will also have some white/rose/red wine/water for the group.  We had an unsolicited sponsor of our dinner/drinks by Dan Streech of PAE (thanks Dan!).  We will start gathering around 6pm and shooting to eat at 7pm.

As Alison and I have schedules that are keeping us close to home port for much of the summer, we thought it would be fun to organize a “casual” gathering of the Nordhavn Tribe who will be in the Puget Sound area this mid-July.   I am describing it as a “casual gathering” because Rendezvous sounds really official and busy!  We are hoping that this is an opportunity for owners to get together and socialize with just a few organized activities.  So the acronym for the cruise seems to fit the weekend style:  NAPS 2018

NAPS 2018

Dates:  Friday July 20th – Sunday July 22nd

Location:  Port Ludlow (some may recognize this is the home of the 2009 Nordhavn Rendezvous)

How to Participate:

Option 1: Stay in the Marina.  Call the Port Ludlow Marina no later than June 30th.  There is a limited block of slips under “Nordhavn Owners”.    360-437-0513  There may still be availability after June 30th but that is when the hold on slips is released.

Option 2:  Anchor in the bay and join us via the dinghy.  Enough said about this one!

Option 3:  Stay at the Port Ludlow Inn.  If you want to join the group but can’t bring your boat with you, the Inn is situated on the banks of the Port Ludlow Marina.  We’d still love to have you!  There is not a room block for the Inn, so no need to reference the event.  Reserve online:

RSVP:  Please send your name(s), boat name/hull number and email to me and I will send out updates as needed.

Weekend Activities:

There will be some limited planned activities for the weekend, most likely a Saturday evening potluck style dinner – we are working on those details and will get that out when we formalize them.  But mostly there will be time to visit with other owners, see other boats, and enjoy a few area activities or take a nap!  Some of things that can do nearby:  Play a round of golf, visit the Port Ludlow Yacht Club, run your remote control boat in the Yacht club’s RC pond, breakfast/lunch/dinner at the Fireside Restaurant, dinghy cruise the bay, kayak, walk the beach and enjoy the sunshine!

Kevin and Alison Jeffries

Red Rover N5505

Kevin and Alison Interviewed by James with Pendana Nordhavn

Kevin and Alison Interviewed by James with Pendana Nordhavn

We just realized that we had not posted this Guest Interview by James with Pendana, a 62 Nordhavn.  James, Claire and their two daughters are traveling the world in their Nordhavn.  They left Australia about 4 years ago and we had the pleasure to meet and get to know them while they spent this past winter in Seattle.  They are a hoot! The Guest Interview was fun to do – take a look when you have a moment!



Winter Cruise to Gig Harbor

Winter Cruise to Gig Harbor

Last time we had been away from the dock was Thanksgiving of last year.  And that was for a quick Christmas Ships cruise.  Alison and I were itching to head out somewhere for a weekend.  We decided to head to Gig Harbor Saturday morning and spend the night, returning Sunday afternoon.

Alison is trying out one of our Christmas gift hats!  Looking sharp!

After a quick dash to the grocery store, we donned our headsets, tossed off the lines and headed out!  It was a spectacular cruise south.  Breeze was near calm, seas were just a ripple.  From the pilothouse, you wouldn’t imagine that it was 35 degrees outside.

Where is her jacket?  Brrrr!

Our plan was to dock at Tides Tavern for lunch and then tie up at the public dock (it now has power, 30 amp) for the night.  We wanted to confirm that there was space as well as depth for us at the dock.  As the dock was half full, we changed our minds – let’s get our spot at the public dock now and walk down to Tides.  Unfortunately, as we were poking in to where we would need to be, we realized that there would not be enough water for us at low tide (minus 2.5 feet).  Plan B.  Dock at Tides and then anchor out for the night, drop the dinghy down to take Zoe in for the needed walks.

Tides Tavern, since 1973
Red Rover at the Tides.
Dinner with a view!

So it was an easy docking at the Tides and enjoyed our meal – great spot, always good food.  We left the restaurant and Red Rover was the only vessel anchored out.  We uncovered the dinghy and found its battery dead.  Completely dead.  I had left the battery switch on (duh!) and a dash switch was toggled on – this over the course of the last 3 months completely killed it.  Well….  we decided that we’d go back to Tides for breakfast!  We pulled the fake grass potty mat that came with the boat to see if Zoe would try it.  She decided to wait until we arrived back at the dock for some real grass.  Something that we are going to work on with her!

A battery is a battery in any language.

After breakfast, we headed home on an equally beautiful day with a trip to Fisheries Supply planned after arrival.  Good opportunity to replace the spring hinge on the seat that holds the battery.

Um, broken but now replace!  Also, we need some semblance of Spring (the season) so that we can scrub her up!

After fisheries and the grocery store, we were home in time for sunset.  All we could ask for is 75 degrees.  Waiting for summer…